Buyers Guideline in Purchasing a property. Understanding each step of your purchase.

•Have you seen any homes that you like?

•Are you working with a broker/agent?

•Do you have a home to sell?

•If we find the right home, is there anything keeping you from buying it?

•Have you been pre-qualified for a loan?

Home Benefits

•Pride of ownership

–Property owner

•Freedom of enjoyment

–Decorate, modify, …



–Principal accumulation

•Tax Advantages

Interest & property taxes

–Capital Gain exemption.

Pre-Approval Advantages

•Look at  the “right” homes

•Negotiate price and terms

•Eliminate uncertainty

•Saves time

* Better decisions with financial information

Internet Assistance

•Define the home you want

•Home information will be sent to you as it comes on the market

* I’ll recommend additional homes

I Can Show You All Homes!

•All of the  Best Of The Gulf Realty INC homes

•All of the homes in other companies

•All of the homes in MLS

•Builder’s homes

•For Sale by Owners.


•Objective, visual evaluation

•Impartial,3rd party


•Roof to foundation

•Includes all systems

•Written report.

If I…

•Make an effort to find your home

•Commit my time, car, & computer

•Incur all my own expenses

•Continue until we find your home or you tell me to quit looking.

Will you…

•Let me know if your plans change?

•Tell me what you like and dislike?

•Tell me if you want to talk to another REALTOR®, builder, or for sale by owner?

•Work with me until we find you a home?

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